Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Hilton Head, South Carolina!

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Hilton Head, South Carolina!

Meow with cats!

By Stacy Lenz

Sometimes a franchise can start to feel a little stale and you need to shake it up. Since we can't bring in Kelly Dodd with her bold lip and bedazzled wine opener, we did the next best thing for The Real Shelter Dogs: We added cats!

Today’s cats and dogs come to us from the Hilton Head Humane Association in South Carolina. It’s an organization whose goal is to improve the lives of homeless dogs and cats, while working to lower the numbers of pets reproduced or relinquished. They have programs providing food, shelter, and care for domesticated animals until adoptive homes are found and they also offer a spay/neuter and release program for feral cats. To support their mission, they also operate a thrift store, cleverly titled “The Litter Box,” where all proceeds go to improve the lives of animals.

The Hilton Head Humane Association selects an Outstanding Pet of The Month to feature, but they’re all outstanding if you ask us! Without further ado, we are excited to introduce you to some of these amazing animals, complete with opening credits worthy taglines!


“Introductions are everything and I’m ready to say hello.” - Jasmina

Jasmina is 6.5 years old and came from a rural county shelter in May of 2016. She is very sweet, but would probably be happiest as a “one and only” pet. With that said, she has made some very good doggy friends, so we believe it could work out with a proper introduction.


“Dogs aren't allowed on yachts, but my ship is comin' in.” - Morgan

Morgan is a 2-year-old tall, lanky, southern gentleman who came from a county shelter. His leash manners are a bit lacking, but he is very smart—and with the right sort of mentor, we know he will be a great family dog.


“I've always known I was a star, but you can help me shine, shine, shine.” - Honeybee

Honeybee is 6.5 years old and has been at the shelter for over 5 years. Honeybee is very loving with people but does not enjoy the company of other animals. She needs to be the “star” of her household.


“I have a new leash on life and nothing can stop me now!” - Reeva

Reeva is 4.5 years old—and a staff favorite!—that smiles on command. Despite a few health issues, Reeva has a positive outlook on life. She has been at the shelter for quite a while but she is confident her new home is just around the corner.


“I was part of a pair but now I'm ready to join a full house.” - Chester

Chester is a three-month-old kitten, ready to pack his toys and leave shelter life behind. He was found as a tiny baby (eyes still closed) with his brother Harold. His bro was already adopted, so we are sure Chester will not have to wait long for his new home.


“Some people may get catty, but to them I say, get a cat.” – Mimi

Mimi is an 11-year-old cat, surrendered by her owner when they became ill and were unable to care for her. Mimi starts off very shy but becomes affectionate with a bit of encouragement. She would prefer a quiet home.


Please visit or email if you’d like to give one of these furry friends a forever home! 

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