Should Beyoncé Perform Pregnant At Coachella? Dr. Simone Whitmore Weighs In

Should Beyoncé Perform Pregnant At Coachella? Dr. Simone Whitmore Weighs In

"I wouldn’t be walking down a stairwell with heels on if I were her," she advises. 

By Marianne Garvey
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A Mazel to Beyonce

After Beyoncé announced she was pregnant with twins on Feb. 1, there were celebrations and well wishes, but also curiosity as to whether she’d perform at the Grammys. She put that worry to rest last night, looking magnificent and glowing while singing some slow ballads for her fans.

Now, there were reports Beyoncé might possibly cancel her headlining performances on two Saturdays during Coachella, April 15 and 22, due to her growing belly—and the fact there’s two babies in there.

But TMZ reports that Queen Bey is still set to perform as the first black woman ever to headline at Coachella and that the plans are full steam ahead. “It's still unclear how she'll handle the performance, since she'll likely be in her third trimester by April,” they write.

So being the pro that Bey is, what’s it like to dance and sing while very pregnant with twins? And is it really ok?

Married to Medicine's Dr. Simone Whitmore says many people do, and that it’s not too much of a concern even if she’s in her third trimester.

“I think it would depend on how far along she is and if she’s still early enough in the pregnancy, I don’t think the performance would be a problem,” Dr. Simone says.

“But I think it depends on how far along she is. She shared a beautiful picture with this obvious, pregnant belly. The problem is we don’t know how many weeks gestation she is, and with twins, you just can’t tell. We can guess, but it’s such a wide range she could be it all depends on how far along she is and how things are going. Because if she’s having a great pregnancy with no problem and she’s early second trimester, certainly a performance would not be a problem or would not be dangerous to the pregnancy.”

Is there a point when she should stop performing? Just during the pregnancy! Good God no, not forever. Never ever quit Bey, please. Not that.

“Well, my guess would be, with a twin pregnancy, that by the time she passes 22, 24 weeks - physically she would start having cramping, spotting with strenuous exercise. However, if she’s in tip top shape already, prior to the pregnancy, and she’s been exercising all along up to this performance one could argue that she might not have any problem,” Dr. Simone says.

“Doing a normal routine that she’s been practicing for months, it just depends on how physically fit she is. If she’s not having any problems, she could probably get away with a performance - I wouldn’t be walking down a stairwell with heels on if I were her, because the extra weight and the pregnancy tend to get your balance off. But a shake, cause she does a lot of shaking, you know the beauty of someone like Beyoncé too though, you know it’s that she has a lot of dancers surrounding her and so she can probably pull it off without seeing a big difference.”

But whatever you do Beyoncé, do not suspend yourself from anything.

“I wouldn’t want to see her, not even early pregnancy, I wouldn’t want to see her lifted up on that - I don’t know what you call it - but that thing Lady Gaga was suspended on, I would not want to see Beyoncé with that,” Dr. Simone says. “If I were her OBGYN I would be having a heart attack, but hey, it’s just me.”

And when it comes time for a break, “I would just tell her to enjoy life with Blue Ivy as much as she can,” Simone says.

“You know, enjoy this time before she goes from one to three children because I can imagine that life will be much different when she triples the number of children she has to take care of. Enjoy as much time in her pregnancy with her family and friends, while she can. She’s going to be busy for a little time after.”

— Reporting by Laura Rosenfeld

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