Single Men "Living It Up" May Be Lonely and Not So Happy After All

Single Men "Living It Up" May Be Lonely and Not So Happy After All

"Single men aren’t necessarily having the most fun," says a new report.

By Marianne Garvey

Lots of single men act like marriage is a prison sentence. But a new reports says many of them are secretly miserable.

The median age for a first marriage has risen for men from 23 in 1970 to 29 in 2017, which means that men are able to live their single lives longer, but that doesn’t always mean happiness. Although you can discover what type of partner you want, travel, and spend time with friends, some feel very alone, reports The Washington Post.

“On the benefits and costs of delayed marriage, we found that young men in their 20’s were more likely to have difficulty with depression and excessive drinking if they were single, compared with their peers who were married. Forty-eight percent of single men ages 24 to 29 reported they were frequently drunk, compared with just 28 percent of their married peers,” reports the findings.

And just 35 percent of the single males questioned reported that they were “highly satisfied” with their lives, while 52 percent of their married peers.

“In the real world, the evidence shows that single men aren’t necessarily having the most fun — despite the footloose and fancy-free lifestyle depicted onscreen.

“Indeed, research comparing siblings and twins with one another suggests that those in cohabiting relationships and especially those in married relationships are more likely to be thriving socially and psychologically than their single siblings, even after controlling for a range of social, economic and genetic factors,” says the report.

But the report says its not discouraging 20-something men” who are in love and seem to have the basis for a strong marriage from tying the knot.”

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