Brilliant Invention is Saving Thousands of Animals from Drowning in People's Pools

Brilliant Invention is Saving Thousands of Animals from Drowning in People's Pools

If you have a pool, you need this NOW.

By Kristyn Pomranz

Having a backyard pool is pretty much the best. Feeling hot? Pop in for a cool off! Throwing a party? Instant entertainment. Hate showering? Blammo, take a dip and you’re clean.

But one major drawback is the danger it poses to animals. And we’re not just talking about your dog or your cat, but local wildlife, like frogs, squirrels, and even snakes. (Even if you’re ophidiophobic, you shouldn’t wish death on our serpentine friends.)

It’s an understandable problem. Wild animals are frequently drawn to human homes due to the abundance of food, and then once they’re in a backyard with a pool, they can find themselves in dangerous waters. Aquatic animals don’t understand the difference between their safe habitats and chlorinated pools, and other animals may simply fall out of tree branches.

And, of course, there is the more personal problem of pools posing a threat to our pets. Many people have aquatically-challenged dogs and cats who find themselves in trouble when they jump in a pool and can’t safely swim to escape.

So one biologist named Rick Mason came up with a brilliant invention that has already saved thousands of lives: The FrogLog, which is a floating dock with a mesh skirt that easily allows trapped animals to escape up a ramp to safety. And the Skamper-Ramp—exact same concept, but large enough for the average household dog or cat.

We are obsessed with these genius inventions! The Skamper-Ramp is sure to give all pool-having pet owners piece of mind, and the FrogLog is proven to save your local wildlife from a tragic fate. Happy pool partying, everyone!

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