Snake Café Proves That We're Definitely Taking This "Animal Cafe" Thing Too Far

Snake Café Proves That We're Definitely Taking This "Animal Cafe" Thing Too Far

Snakes? Near our cappuccinos? That’ll be a hard pass, Japan.

By Matt Russoniello

Cat cafés? Maybe the world’s perfect businesses. Owl cafés? Perhaps not quite as universal as their cat counterparts, but overall: still crowdpleasers. But a snake café? We’d say that’s a step too far, except that snakes do not have feet and therefore can take no steps!

Alas, the snake café really does exist in the Harajuku district of Tokyo, Japan. So if eating a slice of cake while a Dagger-Bellied Demon-Teaser* constricts its body around your shoulders is your idea of a good time, then this is a really great news day for you!

(*Probably not an actual species of snake, but who knows for sure honestly?)

Here’s how it all works: You’re a paying customer who, for some reason, wants not only a coffee or a snack but also to have a snake’s skin be on your skin. You go to the snake café. Inside, dozens of snakes await in clear boxes. You may pick one (the one that looks like an umbilical cord, but with glowing red eyes, for example) and have that snake placed on your table (still in its box) as you eat, as a sort of s-s-s-silent dining companion. You may also have the snake taken out of the box and placed upon your body (we’d recommend waiting until your table’s been cleared of food, but do you!) because the world is full of all kinds of people, and some people are into that!

Anyway, if you are not yet sold on the idea of visiting a snake café (and we don’t blame you), watch this video for an idea of what to expect. (Come to satisfy your curiosity, stay for the part in which she puts a tiny “hip hop” hat on a snake.)

“Put a snake around your neck” is definitely a great subtitle for a video!

Please also enjoy the following Instagram evidence from brave souls who went to the snake café… and lived to tell their tales.

Fun with snakes! 蛇が楽しい! #へび #蛇カフェ #snake #snakecafe

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