Sneakers the Corgi Tells Us Why Vanderpump Rules is the Best Reality TV Show

Sneakers the Corgi Tells Us Why Vanderpump Rules is the Best Reality TV Show

Just in case you needed a Corgi to confirm what you already know.

By Sneakers the Corgi of The Dog Agency

They say it’s the golden age of television—and if Sneakers the Corgi has anything to say about it, then Vanderpump Rules is its crown jewel.

Sneakers is a pop culture-savvy Pembroke Welsh Corgi with over 100K followers on Instagram. Now, she loves pizza more than Pinot Grigio, has never had any plastic surgery (no, not even on her perfect furry booty), and doesn’t have a DJ residency, nor a restaurant empire in LA. So how does a dog like Sneakers relate to the cast of Vanderpump Rules? We dragged her away from a VPR marathon to find out—and learn why she thinks this show is so fiercely addictive.

Sneakers, what drew you to the reality TV show Vanderpump Rules?

The intro with that amazing theme song. The drinks being poured, the rose petals being scattered, Lisa Vanderpump sashaying in. It’s all #goals.

Me after watching a @bravotv #VanderpumpRules marathon 🍸🌹 #SoundOn #sneakersthecorgivideo #sneakersthecorgi

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What makes the Vanderpump Rules cast relatable to you, a corgi?

Well, for one, as you know, the Queen of England loves corgis, and Lisa Vanderpump is British and loves dogs! Instant connection. Secondly, I do quite a bit of modeling and acting myself, much like much of the cast of Vanderpump Rules. You might have already seen some of my extremely glamorous photos and enviable outfits on Instagram.

What’s your favorite quote from Vanderpump Rules?

When Jax says: “When it comes to this group, I can predict the future like Gandhi. Did Gandhi predict the future? Who is Gandhi?” That’s pretty much the verbal equivalent of a dog chasing its own tail. Impressive!

Who is your favorite character on the show?

Giggy! That bow tie. That chest hair. Did you know his name is short for Gigolo? I mean, come on.

Which is your favorite Vanderpump Rules couple?

Lisa and Giggy, obviously. But we think Tom and Ariana would be great to have at a party because they both bartend—hopefully they can make pup-tinis!

What do you think of Tom Schwartz and Katie’s dogs Gordo and Butter?

I love them. I heard Schwartz is a good cook, so I’m sure Gordo and Butter eat well. Hopefully Tom doesn’t prepare steak for his pups the way he does for his groomsmen Tom Sandoval and Jax, though.

Which of Lisa’s restaurants would you visit with your dog friends: SUR or PUMP?

SUR, because it’s sexy and unique, and that perfectly describes my dog squad and me.

What would you order if you were to visit SUR?

The goat cheese balls!

Thanks, Sneakers! What are you up to when you aren’t watching Vanderpump Rules?

Oh, just working on my summer body, of course!

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