Snoop Dogg’s New Nature Documentary Will Make You Cry Laughing

Snoop Dogg’s New Nature Documentary Will Make You Cry Laughing

The rapper's globally inspired Internet comedy hits keep coming.

By Alesandra Dubin

If you’re anything like us, the breathtaking BBC nature documentary Planet Earth was among the powerful pieces of media that inspired you to travel the world.

Well now, thanks to the democratizing properties of the Internet, we have a new and improved version of that series. And while it may not be as scientifically accurate, it is definitely way funnier.

Yes, rapper and occasional comedian Snoop Dogg is out with a new web series known as Planet Snoop, in which he narrates over footage from the original, replacing the staid voiceover. The new series has just debuted on the star’s weed and culture site, Merry Jane

In the first episode — Squirrel vs. Snake — Snoop narrates an epic fight scene between the two animals. Who will win? Well, according to Snoop, the squirrel has pretty good odds: "If he can bust a nut, you know he can bust a snake head open, no problem!"

Watch here and then prepare to explain to your colleagues why you are ROFL at work:

(Basically, we watch this and dream of traveling the world with Snoop. Can you imagine the running dialogue of observations?)

Planet Snoop comes about after the rapper partnered with Jimmy Kimmel to parody Planet Earth with Plizzanet Earth, which went viral — and inspired people to start a petition to get him to keep doing it.

"Snoop Dogg has narrated some Planet Earth in the past but yo we need him to narrate full episodes," read the petition on

Well, Snoop shared it on his Instagram, and eventually — with more than 65,000 signatures — the Internet declared victory. And now here we are.

If you’re keeping score at home, this is not even the first time this month Snoop has made us cry laughing with globally inspired Internet humor. Just a couple of weeks ago, he accidentally tagged the location of a social media selfie as Bogata, Romania — while actually on tour in Bogotá, Colombia…. creating a major tourism moment for the random, tiny town.

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