So Many People Stole These From Airplanes That They're No Longer on Board

So Many People Stole These From Airplanes That They're No Longer on Board

That's why we can't have nice things.

By Alesandra Dubin
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If you've been seated in a coach-class seat on an airplane these days, you probably know there's not much around that feels worthy of stealing. (Not that you'd do something like that anyway, law-abiding jet-setter that you are.)

But not everyone with the means to fly in upper-class cabins is privileged or impulse-controlled enough to resist swiping some of the cooler amenities available there.

Runway Girl Network revealed some of the most common items stolen from airplanes. And it turns out that the attractive, pebble-shaped salt-and-pepper pots available in Cathay Pacific's business-class section were stolen so often that the airline had to kibosh them and replace them with utterly ordinary plastic ones, rather than continually pay to replenish the supply. “They were the most frequently pilfered items in the history of Cathay Pacific, by a huge margin,” airline chairman John Slosar told the South China Morning Post, in a story cited by Runway Girl Network.

As well, Virgin Atlantic also had to briefly get rid of its airplane-shaped salt and pepper shakers, known as "Wilbur and Orville," which had been around since the 1990s — because those, too, disappeared all too frequently. But in 2011, the carrier brought them back. Now, they're printed with the message "Pinched From Virgin Atlantic." Cheeky!

It seems tray tableware is popular for jacking: Finnair partnered with Marimekko on some colorful printed pieces — but naturally people wanted the heck out of those. So now they're available via the duty-free catalog where folks can, you know, buy them like civilized people.

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