Give the Gift of a Cozy Night’s Sleep with These Cutie Flannel Sheets

Give the Gift of a Cozy Night’s Sleep with These Cutie Flannel Sheets

The only gift you need to give this year is that of crazy warm bedding.

By Courtney Thompson

As much as I love summer—and believe when I say that I really, really love summer—I tend to miss the cozy, fireside, hot cocoa-drenched times of fall and winter when I’m sweating through my tank top on a 98-degree day. And I miss flannel. There’s no fabric more homespun or more inviting than flannel, and no better time to embrace it than on a cold winter’s day. It’s hard not to dive in for a hug when I come across someone wearing a flannel shirt, and when it comes to sheets, there’s no holding me back. I don’t care whose bed it is. Imma comin’ in.

I’ve said before, the best gifts you can give are the ones your friends and family won’t actually buy for themselves. Flannel sheets fall right into this category because they’re not 100-percent practical, in that you can’t use them year-round. (Flannel on a hot summer day? No, thank you.) So while it might be hard to justify warmer-than-warm bedding for yourself, receiving it as a gift is a total treat—and one you can delight in straight through April. What’s even better? Flannel sheets with cutesy patterns. Yes, there are many sets available in serious beige and grey hues, but when your dad unwraps his set patterned with drunk reindeer you're going to get some high-fives. So check out the below patterns—which range from happy to hilarious—and start deciding who on your list gets what.


North Pole



BUY FROM: Wayfair, SALE $57.99-$75.08 (Regularly $170-$230)


Statuesque Elk


BUY FROM: All Modern, SALE $29.99 (Regularly $60)


Daschund Lovers


BUY FROM: Bed Bath and Beyond, $34.99-$54.99


Doggie Friends


BUY FROM: Bed Bath and Beyond, $39.99-$64.99 


Hot Chocolate


BUY FROM: Macy’s, SALE $29.99-$69.99 (Regularly $60-$140)


Bundled-Up Snowmen


BUY FROM: Target, SALE $27.99-$38.49 (Regularly $39.99-$54.99)


Drunk Reindeer


BUY FROM: Wayfair, SALE $69.99-$125.99 (Regulary $123-$207)


Spiffy Skiers


BUY FROM: Amazon, $36.99-$52.95


Silly Penguins


BUY FROM: Wayfair, $32.99


Happy Snowmen


BUY FROM: Bed Bath and Beyond, $34.99-$59.99

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