This New Cocktail Robot Wants to Fix You a Drink Just the Way You Like It

This New Cocktail Robot Wants to Fix You a Drink Just the Way You Like It

The automatic cocktail machine of your dreams (nightmares?) is on its way.

Whether it’s an Old Fashioned, a French 75, or a Martini so dry it makes your mouth hurt—in a good way—a perfectly mixed cocktail can class up your party. But if you’ve been to your share of parties, you know that crafting a tasty mixed drink is not exactly in everyone’s wheelhouse. (Too many times we’ve been on the wrong end of a Moscow Mule that’s all Moscow, no mule.)  Fortunately for you, and hosts of parties everywhere, the Somabar is (almost) here to save the day.

Meet the world’s first robotic bartender: an adult-themed Keurig-style device that allows you to craft any one of 300 cocktails from your phone in a matter of seconds. Just select your drink on the app, let your ingredients drain from the “Soma Pods” on the side, and watch a Tom Collins appear in your glass in a matter of seconds. It’s like a dream come true, if your dreams revolve around alcohol-based-efficiency.

The six refillable, dishwasher-safe pods on either side of the machine can be filled with your favorite mixing ingredients, and an extremely-necessary-sounding water flushing system promises to get the sticky taste of the last cocktail out of the machine before you start imbibing your second beverage.

The Somabar started as a Kickstarter project and earned $312,707 in backing last January to begin bringing the device to life. Now it appears production is finally under way, with pre-ordering available for a cool $429. (It should be noted that price tag doesn’t include the shipping price, which is currently a question mark, along with any specific shipping date.)

The biggest question of all? Whether this turns out to be the worst of best thing of all time. No one knows the answer yet, but it will surely help determine whether we're going to slap down $400-500 for an A.I. mixologist. If it makes a delicious cocktail and is as easy to use as it sounds, the answer might be yes. But if it makes a substandard beverage that reminds us of our old dorm room, or if those Soma Pods have to be refilled as often as we think they might, we might stick with the invention that currently ranks highest in our book: our hands.

Either way, we're intrigued by the thought and design that’s gone into this machine, and we’ve got our fingers crossed it’s as effective as it claims to be. Next on our wish list: A taco robot we can turn to after we’ve drained our Soma Pods.

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