Spaghetti Donuts Have Officially Arrived, and No One's Happy About It

Spaghetti Donuts Have Officially Arrived, and No One's Happy About It

The donut mashup trend is officially out of control.

By Maggie Shi

We can barely keep up with the viral food mashups these days, what with all the egg waffle ice cream cones, sushi burgers, and fried chicken-crust pizzas. Here's the latest thing blowing up the Internet: spaghetti donuts, created by Pop Pasta and debuting at New York City's Smorgasborg this year—the same diabolical food market that brought us the ramen burger and the raindrop cake.

At first glance, this mashup looks ridiculous. Why, oh why, would someone want to turn spaghetti into a donut? What about the sauce? How does it stay together? This is clearly just a trick to make us go Instagram-crazy AF.

And the Internet was not pleased:

But on closer examination, we realized that Pop Pasta is taking a classic Italian dish—spaghetti pie (yes, that's a real thing, called frittata di spaghetti)—and serving it up in a portable, albeit gimmicky, way. The original spaghetti pie was a recipe created to use up leftover pasta; the cooked spaghetti is combined with eggs and cheese, then fried in a pan until crisp and browned on both sides. It's typically cut into wedges and can be served warm or at room temperature.

So….spaghetti donuts? Sure, it's a trick, but at least it's based on something real, and sure, we'll bite. Though we might have to wait until those inevitable two-hour-long lines die down first.

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