Genius Dog Can Spell Her Own Name Better Than Teresa Giudice Can Spell Napalm

Genius Dog Can Spell Her Own Name Better Than Teresa Giudice Can Spell Napalm

Enough with the spelling bees, please!

By Kristyn Pomranz

Whenever someone assumes the role of a parent, unabashed oneupsmanship is bound to follow. Whether it’s, say, Kameron Westcott boasting that her six-year-old daughter is fluent enough in Spanish to serve as her translator on their trip to Mexico, or literally any mom saying anything on Odd Mom Out, it’s all just a natural part of the mother-child relationship. (We think? Honestly, we’re kind of just making this stuff up as we go.)

Aaaaanyway, what’s somewhat surprising is how such rivalry has recently permeated the world of pet parenting. While it used to be a given that anything any pet did was the cutest thing ever, the new hotness is proving that your four-legged friend is smarter, or more talented, or more well-behaved than every other pupper in the park. So now pet parents are going out of their way to teach tricks that are meant to impress, when really at the end of the day, all we care about is their levels of A.) cuteness; B.) snuggliness; C.) good boy/girl-ness.

Here’s a pup named Penny who has effectively learned how to spell her name with children’s letter blocks. Impressive? Sure. Does it make her any cuter? Nah. So we say: Enough already! Less videos of dogs doing tricks and more videos of dogs prancing through leaves, please!

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