Damn Spencer Pratt, Back At It Again with a Second Hummingbird-Feeding Hat

Damn Spencer Pratt, Back At It Again with a Second Hummingbird-Feeding Hat

This time with twice as many hummingbirds! (And some hot-glued flowers to boot.)

By Stacy Lenz

Well folks, he's at it again! Everyone's favorite crystal enthusiast-turned-amateur ornithologist Spencer Pratt is back doing what he does best: something totally weird that we are oddly riveted by. A man who began with some simple reality show villainy has now morphed into pop culture’s number one stop shop for hummingbird videos.

Obviously, we were transfixed from the start. We were thrilled to breathlessly bring you Spencer’s greatest work to that date, which was a hat that feeds hummingbirds.

But Spencer is never one to let an opportunity for more time in the public eye slip past him, and as such, he has continued to bring us quality hummingbird content, consistently upping the hummingbird ante. And so now we are here to tell you (you may want to sit down): THERE IS A SECOND HUMMINGBIRD FEEDING HAT, THIS TIME WITH HOT-GLUED FLOWERS. 

thanks mom @janetlpratt for the hat

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We weren’t the only ones impressed by how Spencer was upping his game; this hat attracted two hummingbird diners, while the original hat only attracted one. Even more impressive this time around is the hat itself, which has additional fake flowers. The snazzy hat was a gift from Spencer’s mom; we can only imagine that it was her amateur millinery skills that added that crafty touch. The hat is complimented by Spencer’s natural talent for standing completely still and doing nothing, which makes him the perfect human birdfeeder; the birds don’t even seem to notice he’s there. 

In addition to doubling down on hats, Spencer has also continued to name his hummingbird friends. We have previously met Allen—and now Spencer is introducing us to his newest bird buddy, Flash.

FLASH arrives

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As Spencer continues to prepare for fatherhood by feeding and naming birds, we will continue to update you with all of his antics. Please stay tuned for all future breaking Spencer Pratt hummingbird hat news.

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