This Spoof of Celebrity Chef Shows is Making Us Desperate for a PB&J Sandwich

This Spoof of Celebrity Chef Shows is Making Us Desperate for a PB&J Sandwich

Because yes, "there's a feeling of affirmation when you create something average."

By Drew DiSabatino

“Mashed peanut puree. A rough and tumble grape aioli." Ingredients for a farm-to-table spin on a sweet, salty, peanutty Asian-inspired curry?

Nah. Just a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Thanks to the new Food Beast series Jeff’s Table, humble classics like the PB&J are finally getting the nuanced attention to detail, the hand-crafted love, and the orchestral soundtrack they deserve.

Drawing more-than-a-little (much more than a little) inspiration from Netflix’s Chef’s Table series, this new documentary (er, mockumentary) sets out to explore the hidden nuances and distinct flavor profiles of glorious, everyday, crashingly mediocre (but tasty!) foods. Frozen pizzas, dorm-room ramen, late-night snacks: There’s no telling which epic eats one might find at Jeff’s table.

As Food Beast’s director of the project, David Ma, says “We love everything about Chef’s Table…we also love microwave burritos and PB&J sandwiches, so we set out to give them the same love as the Michelin-star dishes.”

About damn time.

Check out episode 1, which offers all the painstakingly slow pans, close-ups, and heartfelt voiceovers about this iconic dish that we could ever hope for.


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