Spring Travel Packing List: 7 Rain Boots That Are Actually ... Chic?!

Spring Travel Packing List: 7 Rain Boots That Are Actually ... Chic?!

Don't let a wet forecast ruin your vacation selfies.

So your spring travel weather forecast calls for rain. (Womp womp.) But that doesn't need you have to go full frumpy with your wardrobe packing! Ditch the icky function-over-form rain boots in favor of one of these options, and you’ll have a high-quality pair that also looks super chic in those vacay pics.

1. Original Galosh High Heel Ankle Boots

If high-heel rain boots are your thing (they exist!), check out this option from Hunter Boots ($280). This Fashion Week-appropriate number is not only a standout piece for your wardrobe, but it’s entirely waterproof and the sole is treaded to help keep you on your feet. What’s even better is that this will pack easily, given its bootie height.

2. Marion Quilted Rain Boot

Not all traditional-looking, tall, black rain boots are made alike. Take, for example, this pair from Tory Burch ($265). The shape and color will help keep this choice in your wardrobe long term, but the quilted panel and the recognizable logo help these to stand out a bit from the rest.

3. Slimboot Pull On Glow Rain Boot

Sorel is one of those iconic brands that you know you can trust when it comes to fending off the elements. But the brand's shoes aren’t just practical — they look good, too. This pair ($120) is chic enough to be dressed up or down and most people who see it won’t even realize it’s a rain boot at all! Like the other options on this list so far, its small size will make it easier to pack than the traditionally tall rain boot.

4. Cat & Rubber Neoprene

If you are looking for a taller rain boot for your travels but want something that will stand out a little bit, check out this option from French Connection ($100). The gray and blue add new twists to an old and trusted rain boot style. Tip: This will likely be one of the bulkiest things in your suitcase, so wear them through the airport if possible in order to make packing a little easier.

5. Edimburg GG Rain Boot

If you want a functional but stylish rain boot that will always work as a subtle fashion statement, check out the Edimburg GG Rain Boots from Gucci ($290). In a classic Gucci print and color, these will last, look great — and of course, keep your feet dry.

6. Sepia Ankle Rain Boot


This ankle rain boot from Alice + Whittles ($180) is unlike any other rainwear piece you’ll find. With brown and blush hues, these earthy-colored boots provide a great alternative to the straight-up black boots that are the usual option. Because these are an ankle boot, they’re great for packing into your bag. And feel-good bonus: All of the shoes from Alice + Whittles are sustainably made. The rain boots are Fair Rubber Association certified and the rubber comes from an environmentally responsible forest. The boots themselves are handmade in Sri Lanka and the workers receive benefits like subsidized meals, insurance options, and transportation to and from work.

7. Sedgewick Rain Boots

For a classic Chelsea style rain boot with a chic twist, look no further than the this creation from Kate Spade ($150). Just like what you’ve come to expect from a Chelsea boot, the thick elastic band eliminates the need for any other type of tying or adjusting, the color is uniform and sleek, and the slightly chunky heel is timeless. So versatile, you'll end up wearing them on sunny days, guaranteed. 

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