STOP EVERYTHING! This Kitten Wears An Eyepatch and Slays

STOP EVERYTHING! This Kitten Wears An Eyepatch and Slays

He’s not a pirate, he’s a survivor. Swoon.

By Brienne Walsh

His name is Scar, and no, he’s not just dressed up for Halloween. He was found when he was just two-weeks-old by Savannah Anas, a marine biologist based in California. She noticed right away that he had an eye infection.

“I’ve done a lot of work with biology and diseases and infections,” Anas told ABC News. “I knew that with the infection being so close to his brain, it was most likely fatal.”

Even still, she decided to try to save him.

Savannah brought Scar to a veterinarian. The vet was reluctant to operate because Scar was too small to be hooked up to a breathing machine or monitors — at the time he weighed only 8.5 ounces. Even still, he survived having his eye removed.

The little guy is a fighter! It’s literally heartbreaking how cute he is. To cover the scar after which he was named, he wears a leather eyepatch with his name etched on it. ARRR!

Now, Scar spends his days following his new mom around on adventures including hikes and walks on the beach. When his little legs get tired from walking, he climbs up her legs, and sits on her shoulder. I mean, are you not dying?

You can follow all of Scar’s adventures on his Instagram page @cat_with_the_eyepatch. See more pictures of him looking adorably ferocious below.

Wishing I was on this adventure with my mama @thesavannahanas right now

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I woke up like this 😼

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Channeling my inner cheetah on this mornings run on the beach 🐯 • • • PC: @jarrettjseiler

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Playing hide-n-go seek in the forest. Do you see me? • • • PC: @jarrettjseiler

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5am milk coma 😴 #milkmustache #iwokeuplikethis

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It's Monday... let's get it • • • PC: @jarrettjseiler

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Credit: thesavannahanas/Instagram 

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