Rescued Pit Bull Kept Running 2 Miles Away 'Cause She Secretly Had 10 Puppies to Feed!

Rescued Pit Bull Kept Running 2 Miles Away 'Cause She Secretly Had 10 Puppies to Feed!

This Pibble is one amazing mama!

By Kristyn Pomranz

When a pit bull was seen wandering the streets of Fowler, California, a rescuer named Krystal from Pink Paws ResQ decided to save her. But no matter how many times Krystal gently captured the Pibble—whom she named Betty Boop—the dog kept escaping.

So Krystal put out a post for help, hoping that she’d be able to save the elusive dog once and for all. Soon, sightings started coming in, and as it turned out, Betty had an excellent reason for escaping: She had recently given birth, and she kept leaving to go feed her puppies!

Betty was spotted walking two miles, back and forth, every day to scavenge, and then go back to nurse her litter. More than ever, Krystal was determined to save Betty—and her puppies too!

So Krystal kept up the capturing and worked hard to earn the dog’s trust. Eventually, Betty became more comfortable, and one day, when Krystal played puppy sounds on her phone, Betty led her to an abandoned farmhouse where 10 puppies were hiding under the floorboards.

Krystal saved all 11 dogs, who are now resting and growing comfortably at the shelter.

If you are interested in donating, fostering, or adopting, please visit Pinky Paws ResQ!

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