6 Unexpected Foods Made With Summer Blueberries

6 Unexpected Foods Made With Summer Blueberries

Blueberries, blueberries, everywhere—even where you'd least expect to find them.

By Lizbeth Scordo

If there were ever a time to indulge in the almighty blueberry, a summer staple and antioxidant powerhouse, the moment is now. In many parts of the country, the season is still going strong (and not-so-coincidentally, July is National Blueberry Month), which means pints of the perfectly plump berries are plentiful at farm stands and markets right now. But if you're looking to try blueberries in more than just fruit salads, pancakes and pie, check out some of these ultra-inventive, totally irresistible blueberry creations at restaurants coast to coast.

Blueberry-Duck Pizza 

Annabel, New York City

Cherries are a classic accompaniment to duck, so why not blueberries? This Manhattan pizzeria spreads its dough with a housemade blueberry chutney and then tops the pie with duck prosciutto and ricotta cheese for a sweet-and-savory wood-fired pizza. Photo courtesy of Annabel.

Blueberry Lasagna

Moto Cucina + Enoteca, Nashville, Tennessee. 

It may very well sound wacky, but this lasagna has become a fan favorite at this Nashville modern Italian spot, according to chef Luke Senderling. He blends the freshest blueberries he can get his hands on with sugar and balsamic vinegar on the stove until the blueberries pop and release their pectin, then cools down the concoction and uses it to glaze his mushroom lasagna, throwing in some of the popped blueberries as garnish. The blueberries, he says, cut the salty and savory flavors of the lasagna and add a sweet balance to the dish. We're in! Photo courtesy of Moto Cucina + Enoteca.

Cheese Curds with Blueberry BBQ Sauce

Stone Tap, Hudson, Wisconsin

While Midwestern-style deep-fried cheese curds are typically served with ranch dressing, this gastropub decided to take advantage of its access to fresh local blueberries in season, using the fruit to whip up a berry-infused BBQ sauce spiked with ginger to serve alongside the beer-battered curds. And for an extra dose of the fruit, diners can wash the dish down with Stone Tap's blueberry lemonade, made with citron vodka, muddled blueberries, lemon juice, and a sparkling wine topper. Photo courtesy of Stone Tap.

Blueberry Donuts

Donut Farm, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles

You don't have to feel too guilty about indulging in donuts as long as they're these virtuous (ok, relatively virtuous) vegan ones, made from organic blueberries grown at an Oregon farm. Donut Farm (an all-organic and vegan bakery) certainly doesn't skimp on the berries in these things: Its donuts are made with blueberry cake spiked with blueberries and covered in blueberry icing. The place even spins blueberries straight into its powdered sugar for an extra-berry kick. Photo courtesy of Donut Farm.

Blueberry Beer

Sea Dog Brewing Company, Bangor, Maine

Leave it to a brewery based in Maine (which produces 10 percent of the North America's blueberries) to provide beer-lovers with a dose of the crop in their bottle. Seadog's Bluepaw Wild Blueberry Ale adds local wild blueberries to the beer-making process, giving the wheat ale a subtle fruity flavor. Photo courtesy of Sea Dog Brewing Co./Facebook.

Blueberry Omelette

DeVivo Bros. Eatery, Keller, Texas

Blueberries and eggs? Why not? DeVivo Bros.'s unforgettable omelette is stuffed with blueberry pork sausage (which the family-owned restaurant brings in from a specialty sausage house), roasted peppers, caramelized onions and fresh blueberries. We're calling it this summer's breakfast of champions.

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