Crack Pie Coming Right Up! Surprising Foods You Can Get Delivered to Your Door

Crack Pie Coming Right Up! Surprising Foods You Can Get Delivered to Your Door

Secret Breakfast, cherimoyas and more are all just a quick click away.

By Tamara Palmer

Why would you even consider settling for the crappy pizza joint down the street when a heart-shaped Italian pie from a Chicago legend is just a click away? And naturally, you'll want to follow that up with dessert from one of the country's most incredible ice cream shops. Happily, some of the most beloved specialty food purveyors around the U.S. are now willing to deliver nationally, which can be downright dangerous when you know about places like these:

Lou Malnati's Heart-Shaped Deep Dish Pizza

The only thing better than pizza is heart-shaped, deep-dish pizza! The love is easy to find even if you're not in the Chicago area. Lou Malnati's even offers a kit that comes with a big heart-shaped chocolate chip cookie for dessert, with a charitable tie-in: A pizza donated to a local food pantry.

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

San Francisco's irreverent ice cream destination Humphry Slocombe has recently gone national thanks to Goldbely, which lets you order a six-pack of pints to your door overnight. Choose your own flavors or pick from customized options, but don't overlook the Secret Breakfast, a wicked concoction of bourbon ice cream with caramelized Corn Flakes cookies.

Bacon Freak's Bacon Combo

Support the growth of independent, humane farmers across the country with a Bacon Combo, a 12-pack of happier bacon hand-picked from a rotating roster of small producers.

Exotic Fruit Club

Your local farmers market can't quite fulfill your exotic-fruit cravings? Buy Exotic Fruits offers a fruit-of-the-month club where you can sign up for as many months as you like and know what you're getting in advance. The next few months will include mangoes, cherimoyas, kiwi and strawberry papayas.

Fuego Box

Need hot sauce like a boss? Fuego offers one-time or subscription boxes of non-gimmicky, hard-to-find and rare heatmakers for a killer condiment cabinet.

Milk Bar Crack Pie®

The calling card of New York's iconic Milk Bar is the Crack Pie, and you can easily discover for yourself why this sugar-and-butter-bombed oat pie has earned its name—and legions of addicted followers nationwide.

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