Survey Shows How Much Cash Your Friends Spend to Travel to Your Self-Indulgent Bachelorette Party

Survey Shows How Much Cash Your Friends Spend to Travel to Your Self-Indulgent Bachelorette Party

OK, it's probably fun for the friends and not just the bride — but it comes at a cost.

By Jet Set Staff

Sure, maybe not all destination bachelorette parties are merely self-indulgent opportunities for a bridezilla to wrap herself in a sash and veil-topped tiara, while showing off the results of her wedding diet... and forcing non-engaged friends to cater to her every whim. Hey, out-of-town bachelorette parties can be fun for everyone, but brides, listen up: Your friends are paying a lot of loot to party with you, so be nice to them.

According to a bridal-season travel survey by (conducted among 1,016 adults over age 21 around the country) many millennials attending bachelor and bachelorette parties shelled out between $800 and $1,000 to do so; 24 percent of respondents cited that figure as a typical cost for such an event. Moreover, more than a quarter of bachelor and bachelorette partygoers reportedly did not or could not save in advance for travel expenses.

Overall, though, the millennial generation doesn't really raise an eyebrow at the costs associated with wedding-related events, with 81 percent saying they weren't surprised. And anyway, millennials are well known to value experiences over things, and are quite willing to spend money on those experiences.

Hotels and accommodations were the greatest expense for this group, with 38 percent saying so. In related news, the cost for hotels and accommodations was the most likely to cause tension within the bachelor or bachelorette party group, with one in five reporting the problem.

Similarly, when it comes to weddings themselves, finding an affordable place to stay is tough, many wedding guests report: The majority of respondents (41 percent) reportedly spend the most on accommodations, which is much more than airfare (21 percent).

For those that attended group honeymoons (for non-millennial readers, that's actually a thing) 62 percent of respondents have or will spent more than $800. FWIW? 12 percent of people said they attended a group honeymoon (or so-called "buddymoon") in the last five years.

According to the survey, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, were the most popular metro areas for wedding-related travel.

Overall, most respondents said they are actually happy or excited to attend a wedding-related event because it is an excuse to celebrate (67 percent) or spend time with the bride/groom (47 percent). Travel for travel’s sake is also a major motivating factor: 47 percent of respondents reportedly were happy to attend a wedding-related event because it gave them a reason to travel.

So give your friends a reason to head somewhere fabulous and they'll love you for it, even if it breaks their bank — just recognize their efforts and expenses (and be nice)!

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