Swiping Right? Old News - Here Are the 5 Most Unusual Dating Apps of 2017

Swiping Right? Old News - Here Are the 5 Most Unusual Dating Apps of 2017

Find a love match with one of these new apps. 

By Jen Glantz

If your New Year's Resolution was to get off your couch and go on more first dates, one of the things you will want to do is figure out where to meet your potential perfect match. If you've found yourself downloading and deleting the most popular dating apps that have been around for a few years now, perhaps it's time to try finding love some place else.

Here are the 5 most unusual dating apps of 2017:

Vouch was launched by Bachelor stars Sean and Catherine Lowe, and is an app that lets your friends and family members choose who you date. So if you're sick of everyone around you trying to set you up with the small pool of other single people they know, hand over your phone and let them get to work on a dating app that gives them the freedom to search for your "one."

TrueView is if you've ever been scared of meeting someone online, offline, or watched one too many epsidoes of Catfish. The new dating app makes each and every user go through verification steps to check that they are indeed who they say they are. Good start.

If having too many options is one of the reasons you have deleted dating apps in the past, you might find the new app, Shinder, to be attractive. This app only has one male user, giving the apps' founder Shed Simove what he calls a "competitive" advantage. While there may be thousands of women trying to snag a date with the one option they have on this app, you never know if you could be the lucky one Shed picks.

Trump Singles is for when you voted for Donald Trump and want to find other people who did too. You two can "make dating great again," according to the company's pitch.

An app that has the slogan "find love through hate," focuses on common things you just can't stand. Hater generates a list of questions for you to click love or hate on. Once you've figured out what makes your blood boil, you'll then be matched with other people who stick their tongue out at the same thing. Isn't that what true love is made of?

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