Taylor Swift May Be Angsty Now, But She’s Still a Baby-Talking Cat Lady

Taylor Swift May Be Angsty Now, But She’s Still a Baby-Talking Cat Lady

Thank the lord.

By Kristyn Pomranz

When Taylor Swift did a complete Instagram purge in anticipation of her new “dark” era, the world was left wondering: How am I gonna know what’s up with Taylor Swift’s cats?! And then once T. Swiz slowly started repopulating her feed with promos for her angsty new songs, it seemed that her sweet Scottish folds—Detective Olivia Benson and Dr. Meredith Grey—had, indeed, become social media casualties.

But—are you Ready For It?—Olivia Benson has magically reappeared as part of a promotion for her new AT&T campaign called "Taylor Swift Now." (Note: We still don't entirely know what this is, but according to the video, "Get Taylor Swift Now and see what Taylor's doing now." Okay?) 

Contrived product integration aside, we are here for the ad, because Look What [AT&T] Made [Her] Do: In outtakes, Tay-Tay snuggles her kitty and asks those magic questions that we all ask of our feline friends on a daily basis:

“Are you a saber-toothed tiger cub?"

"Are you a baby wolverine?”

“Are you Princess of Meowtown?”

“Are you just a melting snowman?"

"Are you just a sloth?”

"Are you just a little unicorn kitty cat?”

“Are you my magical Pegasus?"

Some real tough questions I had for Olivia.

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While we feel like this particular clip is sort of undermining her new bad girl image, we have to admit we weren't buying it anyway. More baby talking to cats and less rapping, please!

Here's the AT&T ad in full, if you need just a little more Olivia Benson. (Or Taylor.)

😃☎️ @att go.att.com/tsn

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