This is the Easiest Way to Help Pets in Need Without Ever Leaving Your Sofa

This is the Easiest Way to Help Pets in Need Without Ever Leaving Your Sofa

It’s animal advocacy for couch potatoes!

By Kristyn Pomranz

We all want to help animals in need. (We would be heartless monsters if we didn’t.) But not all of us have the time to volunteer at an animal shelter or the extra space in our homes to foster. Financial contributions are great, but how are we to know where that money is actually going or how it’s being used?

Well a new website is encouraging you to contribute from your couch and then watch your funds being put to good use in real time.

Teddy Food is a site meant to help people who want to help animals in need—all at the click of a laptop button. The way it works is very user-friendly:

  1. Choose a pet from Teddy Food’s database (you can see the animals’ photos, bios, and needs).
  2. Donate funds for the animal (you choose if it goes to the pet’s food or other type of care).
  3. Watch a live video stream of your fuzzy friend so you can share in the joy.

The platform is currently connected to seven shelters across the globe (with 107 animals total) and is looking to expand with the help of a Kickstarter. Although it has only been up and running for a year, it has successfully helped 259 pets, provided over 300 medical procedures, and even found homes for 110 animals!

While the site is still a little bit glitchy and its process isn't perfect, we are loving the idea of being able to help animals worldwide from the comfort of our homes. And while the contributions may seem tiny, they can add up to major change. Consider the fact that one tiny act from a computer could have a domino effect—if you connect with an animal online, it may encourage you to go to the shelter for a visit, or even better, an adoption.

But primarily, the company wants to change the way people think about phianthropy. “Our mission is to make supporting homeless pets as easy as watching a YouTube video,” says co-founder Pavel Kotosova. “We want to make it possible for anyone to help with just a few clicks.”

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