Terrifying Message Appears on Seatback Entertainment Consoles, Delays Flight

Terrifying Message Appears on Seatback Entertainment Consoles, Delays Flight


By Alesandra Dubin

Let's say you think of yourself as savvy traveler, not easily rattled. But then when you're casually watching the seatback entertainment system, these words appear: "You're all dead." And then you notice they're also frozen onto everyone else's screen at the same time.

Gulp. That's what happened on a flight between New York and Santiago, Chile on January 1 before the plane even left the tarmac. (So at least that much is a good thing.) Passengers noticed a scene from a movie froze with those words in Spanish, according to a bone-chilling report on The Points Guy that feels more appropriate for Halloween than for New Year's Day.

LATAM Airlines actually considered the issue serious enough to delay the flight for two hours, during with official airline personnel and also concerned passengers considered whether it was a simple coincidence or a purposeful message coming from a group intending to do bad things. Passenger Janice S. Lintz described the issue this way to The Points Guy:

“The flight... wasn’t too full and I was lucky to have two empty seats next to me, so got comfy and went to sleep. After some time, somebody bumped into me and woke me up. The first thing I heard was someone saying, 'muerte' and I noticed that we were still on the ground. I initially thought someone had died, but then I saw people photographing the in-flight entertainment screen behind my seat."

He said the flight attendants were speaking in Spanish, but eventually one explained that the screens during a scene in the movie Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children had frozen on those peculiar words.

"Ultimately," the passenger concluded, "This was really creepy, and I’m grateful it was just a bizarre coincidence and nothing more sinister.”


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