If This Video Doesn't Put Galapagos Islands on Your Bucket List, Nothing Will

If This Video Doesn't Put Galapagos Islands on Your Bucket List, Nothing Will

Let the Bucket List Family inspire an all-ages tour of the biodiverse paradise.

By Alesandra Dubin

You’ll definitely remember the story of Garrett Gee, because it’s the stuff of your wanderlust fantasies (not to mention revenge fantasies against your workaday life). To recap, he’s the Utah dad who sold an app for $54 million and bailed on the trappings of ordinary existence for a trip around the world with his family. That trip is still going strong after more than a year.

At week 64, the fam (which goes by the online moniker The Bucket List Family) headed to the Galapagos islands, where they created an exclusive video to share with Jet Set readers.

In short, the experience started out rocky: Garrett lost his bag. With the bag missing somewhere in Panama, Garrett wore the same thing all week. Fortunately for wife Jessica, she swears she married the only man who doesn’t stink when he sweats — so matters could have been worse.

In fact, despite a run-of-the-mill travel hiccup, the scenario was pretty epic: The family marveled at all the animals they began to spot immediately after their arrival. Their first glimpse was of mating manta rays in the sea, followed by huge pelicans, a shark, and crabs. Next up? Their roadway was blocked by a giant tortoise. Overall, Garrett and Jessica agreed they most loved spotting penguins and flamingos.

“I love nature, I love the wildlife,” Garrett says in the clip. “This was my heaven — I’m already looking at the calendar planning when we can come back here.”

Watch the clip for more of their journey, which includes context and tips for how to do your own Galapagos trip — which will definitely be on your own bucket list now, if it wasn't already — plus some pretty epic closeups of uber-cute sea lion faces underwater that you need in your life on a Monday when you're actually still at your job, plotting to reinvent your life as a permanent traveler.

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