Bomb School Drop Out! The C.I.A. Fires Bomb Sniffing Trainee Pup Lulu

Bomb School Drop Out! The C.I.A. Fires Bomb Sniffing Trainee Pup Lulu

She’ll be the cutest (and furriest) in line for unemployment.

By Stacy Lenz

My dog, Jinx, has a PRETTY hard job.  His responsibilities include laying on the couch while we binge watch The Real Housewives of Atlanta, chasing any and all squirrels that venture into the backyard and sitting and staying for the 20 seconds it takes us to procure a greenie bone. Pretty tough gig, right? JK, we know our pup lives on EZ Street as should all dogs, but some dogs cannot be the lazy fur-slugs that nature intended— some dogs have jobs. While we love and appreciate those canines that feel the need to serve and support their humans, when you think about it, it kinda sucks for them. Rather than spending your days napping in that strip of sun on the carpet, you have to get up and go to work? Gross.

Well, that’s what Lulu thought. Lulu, a black lab puppy, is the newest pup applying for unemployment. As detailed by the CIA’s Twitter feed (seriously, who knew they had a Twitter, shouldn’t that be secret?), Lulu was several weeks into training to be a bomb sniffing dog when she lost her passion for it. She began to show signs she wasn’t interested in detecting “explosive odors” — and when you put it like that, who would be?! The trainers at the K9 explosion detection unit gave Lulu a few days to regain her interest but even then she couldn’t be motivated to get her sniffer sniffing by offers of food or play. As you can tell by the pictures, Lulu is dunzo with her job. 

Luckily the Lulu was offered a sweet retirement plan. She was adopted by her handler, where she can live the lazy dog life, begging for snacks and trying to jump on the couch when no one is looking just like nature intended. 

Credit: CIA/Twitter

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