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Melissa Opens Up About Teresa's Confrontation

The RHONJ star says her face-off over Hospital-gate was like "being on 'Law and Order.'"

Jun 18

Teresa Giudice: interrogator extraordinaire?

On Sunday's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she had an uncomfortable interaction with Melissa Gorga and accused her estranged sister-in-law of not visiting Giudice's ailing father in the hospital in a timely manner. (Teresa claimed Melissa went four days after his pacemaker surgery; Melissa says she went to visit the day after he was admitted.)

Perhaps not surprisingly, Gorga felt blindsided by the confrontation, which took place during Gia's birthday party. And now she's opening up about the whole affair.

"I was totally caught off guard," she writes in her latest blog post. "[Teresa and Kim D] put my feet to the fire, because I couldn't remember what day I visited my father-in-law. I took the kids to Gia's birthday party, where I was put under a microscope by people I barely knew about the minute-to-minute breakdown of my whereabouts."

PHOTOS: Teresa and Melissa's Birthday Blowup!

Gorga goes on to compare Teresa to a master interrogator. "It was like being on Law & Order, with the cops grilling me, 'Where were you on the afternoon of the 12th?' Why couldn't we just enjoy the party."

Teresa, meanwhile, believes Melissa is manipulating the situation. "She twists everything I say or do," Teresa writes in her latest post. "And says that I do the same thing to her. I'm sure it's exhausting to watch, because it is exhausting to live. I love her, she is family, but I'm not sure I'm ever going to like her."

Even now, Gorga says watching the altercation now still makes her emotional. "I've thought a lot about all the emotions this episode brought up," she writes. "Watching it made me feel terrible." And she admits that no matter what she does to mend the situation, she believes Teresa will still have an issue with it. "[She] made it her business to find fault with whatever I did. My in-laws are Joe's parents. He's my husband. It's up to Joe to say when his wife goes to the hospital—not his estranged sister."

Watch Teresa confront Melissa below and check out a preview of next week's episode, when Teresa finally meets with her estranged brother Joe:

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dannyboy1954 22 pts

First of all it is none of Teresa business when Melissa goes to see her father in law, who cares if it was one day 4 days 3 days she went, she did not go right away because she had a bad sore throat, had she gone and been sick Teresa would have made trouble because she was sick, is know else not allowed not to feel good but Teresa and Joe, but teresa had to bring it up, that is her M O, and this part where Melissa went to Teresa gym Teresa does not own the gym, it is open to whom ever wants to go there, and the other two ladies were there to excersise with Melissa since when is that a crime, Teresa you need help and better get it soon.

Makingfaces 22 pts

Theresa is a jealous, unstable delusional nut! She wishes she had a marriage like her brother and Melissa's but she got stuck with a loser. He doesn't even look at her when she speaks or should I say try to speak. Melissa, you and Joe have it together and your kids are adorable!! God Bless...ciao!

WestCoastConnie 28 pts

Melissa, I am a Mother of four grown children and a Mother-in-Law of two son's.

 I would welcome you into our (Italian) Family with open arms. 

My Motto: "You love my Son,

You love my Grandchildren,

 I will love you".

 It's that simply put.

These comments below seem to be from a source that know Teresa, personally, and do NOT  find creditability in their ugly and personal comments.

JMRN 5088 pts

I, for one, am tired of Melissa playing the victim. Puh-lease. And, while it didn't have to be brought up at Gia's party, Melissa has told a thousand lies (why she's moving, her job, house, etc.), so I don't believe a word she says.

bossycow 8 pts


Joe is ur brother  Let him be happy .this whole thing would tear ur parents to peices Stop trying to run his life and learn he has his own and by the way dump kim shes not a real friend she only likes to start crap.


nailsbylupe65 25 pts

Also can you please be yourself. I don't know but a little part of me thinks your trying to be J-Lo. Sorry I like you but I feel your trying to be someone your not.

chezcrisden 11 pts

how often would some one remember, what day that went some where,

or even if they wrote it down?

was it about Melissa not knowing what day she visited her father inlaw,  or is this much more?

karen.cerana 8 pts

I do believe Teresa need to grow up & listen to what family & friends are trying to tell her. Dream on.

Lisa33 17 pts

If you couldn't remember what day you went, why did you act so certain and get indignant? Look, I can't stand Kim D. I think she's a vile, desperate, coat tail clinging lackey... but you shouldn't have taken that bait. You should have immediately said, "I'm not discussing this here. I'm here to let my kids enjoy their cousin's party." Instead, you took the bait, acted indignant, insulted your father-in-law by lying about when you visited, and dragged your children out of a party... which was the worst part of it. You should be ashamed of yourself for dragging them out of the party just because you were angry. You could have waited in a corner and refused to talk to anyone anymore and let those babies enjoy the celebration. Those poor kids... on both sides. It's heart breaking.

Koopla 1677 pts

Why hold Teresa to double standards when at the reunion Melissa wouldn't even stick up for her inlaws when Kathy was calling them names. Melissa sat back and enjoyed the rest of the cast attacking Teresa at the reunion.

Ronica 1095 pts


 That is Kathy's uncle, Melissa was smart not to butt in, this was blood against blood. 

romsx9x 234 pts

 Ronica  Koopla

 One thing Melissa isn't, is smart.  Manipulative, victim and liar yes. Smart NO.

dannyboy1954 22 pts

 romsx9x  Ronica  Koopla what do you think of Teresa she is all those things roll into one, except she is not a good liar , yes a liar but not a good one 32 pts

@Koopla Kathy is family not a friend or stanger and Kathy has the right to her feelings. Who are these friends to question Melissa. Why question Melissa AT ALL when she goes to see her inlaws. Theresa NEVER defends ANYONE and doesnt deserve defending.

lillymackie 2505 pts  Koopla

 LOL Kathy has a right to her feelings.SO does everyone else in the world.

macnmac 1474 pts  Koopla I agree that it should not have been brought up at the party --It was not a in law visit --he was rushed to the hospital and was in Intensive care. The father-in law was upset on the 4th day they did not come so on the 4 day she brought the kids--Kathy never did --her husband went with their son and daughter. So Kathy and Melissa  stayed away. 

macnmac 1474 pts

 Koopla What was that Kathy calling the father and her uncle a coward? --I would never say things like that about my uncles or parents no matter how I felt or disagreed. 


Teresa was upset and did say that no matter what Melissa does or says that her parents treat her like gold and would never ever say one unkind word to her. But I have seen that especially with women --young married women sometimes prefer staying with their family and not the husbands. They often grow out of that.

dannyboy1954 22 pts

but on that reunion show she apologized to Teresa and she accepted, when it is accepted is is done and forgotten, but not Teresa she brings everytime she has words with kathy, let it go, my God let it go girl it helps no one or any situation.

macnmac 1474 pts

 dannyboy1954 That is because they make up and then it all starts all over --its never ending. Teresa thinks cause Joe is her brother that you should always just make up over anything that happens  and because they are blood. I disagree with her because just because someone is blood does not mean they have the right to mistreat you either. And then the spouses get involved --its a mess that need not be and a dysfunctional merry go round that needs to stop and get off and go on with your life without the dysfunction in it if that happens to be your blood so be that--they have no right to hurt you or your spouse and children. 

Jodibelle 2157 pts

 Koopla Teresa was attacking Kathy and Melissa all night well as Jacqueline, Caroline and even Lauren. 


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