Tina Sugandh kisses and tells (or rather, doesn't kiss and tells.)

on May 7, 2013 - The Dish0

Most newlyweds can’t keep their hands off each other, but that’s a problem Newlyweds: The First Year stars Tina and Tarz do not have. At all.

“People are going to laugh at me for saying this and think I’m absurd, but I really feel like for us, sex is really just a bonus,” the Indian pop singer told People. “We’re really best friends. We’re very fulfilled with our chemistry.”


Tina does admit that she once had lots o’ lust for her man, but that has since atrophied since they tied the knot. Now she just views him as her “dorky husband.”

Tarz blames their lack of loving on his demanding work schedule.

"I have a start-up company and I did lots of traveling. I was working 20 hours a day for months and months and months,” he explained.

She also says that the couple faced some difficult situations this year but hopefully things in the bedroom will improve especially because she wants to become a mommy.

"Their company just got funded,” she revealed, “so I think now's the time where he might have a little bit more boinky-boink time.”

Tell us: did you watch Newlyweds: The First Year last night? What do you predict is ahead for Tina and Tarz?


Tina...hide your schedule from Tarz...scheduling sex turns him off...And he probably does not want a kid so he 'hides behind' working too hard. i don't buy it,.You have to learn how to not let him into everything and just relax and let it happened whenever it feels right. And if you uter one word about 'schedule' to make kids.....he will not participate. I can read his 'snicky' way to let you know he is not into kids.


"Tarz" has got to lose the ridiculous macho nickname.  Just go with David and be done with it.  I know lots of guys invent 'cool' nicknames.  But then they turn 14 and move on.  I think Tina would be a lot of fun.  For about an hour.  The constant need for all eyes to be on her make me think she must be a brilliant bollywood actress and an absolutely exhausting wife.  For every "me, me, me" moment of Tina's, we just see "Tarz" get smaller and smaller and smaller.