The F**k, Marry, Kill Game Is Now A Dating App, You Know, If That's Your Thing

The F**k, Marry, Kill Game Is Now A Dating App, You Know, If That's Your Thing

There's a soulmate for all of us. 

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Simply matching on dating apps is so yesterday. Now, users of the FMK app can connect with a potential significant other - or not. Those who download the "game" aren’t specifically tied to swiping right for the purpose of meeting someone they want to get romantic with, or even flirting with an attractive individual.

The age-old infamous game, F**, Marry, Kill – where participants decide if they want to hypothetically fornicate, devout themselves for eternity, or murder the subjects in question – can elect so, instantly, through their phones. Choices aren't limited to screwing around, or serious dating. You can despise someone openly. And the feeling may be mutual. Note: the people are real, but the terms are still hypothetical.

How it works:

Three of the app’s users appear on screen at once. Then the selections are made: F, M, or K. If it’s a match on both sides, the two parties will chat.

Fuck/Marry/Kill #FMK Comment your picks!

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The app launched in October and has 65,000 registered users. Rather than competing with other apps, the FMK website actually refers those looking for more traditional dating platforms to check out Tinder, Bumble, Happn, Grindr and similar mediums.

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