The Most Dangerous Country for American Travelers Will Surprise You

The Most Dangerous Country for American Travelers Will Surprise You

You've probably been there.

By Alesandra Dubin

What comes to mind when you think of a place that might be ranked as the most dangerous country in the world for American tourists?

Perhaps you’d conjure a war-torn place like Syria, or a country famous for a history of drug cartels, such as Colombia. But it’s neither of those places, according to a report recently published by Priceonomics, which analyzed the most dangerous countries for Americans based on the number of travel warnings issued by the state department, whether or not the warnings work, and the number of Americans killed there.

Mexico has topped the list of the most travel warnings issued from 2009 to 2017. Areas popular with tourists such as the Yucatan Peninsula or buzzy Mexico City are considered safe, but that’s not always the case when Americans venture out of those popular destinations to chart their own course. During that timeframe, the highest number of Americans were killed in Mexico than anywhere else. But Priceonomics makes clear that many more Americans travel to Mexico — our easily accessible neighbor south of the border — than any other more far-flung place on the list.

The story is different when you adjust the data to focus on harm to Americans per capita. In that scenario, Pakistan turns out to be the most dangerous country. It’s followed by Thailand and Philippines — both popular among tourists for gorgeous island scenery — and then Haiti and Honduras, to round out the top five most dangerous.

Travel + Leisure points out that the rest of the places on the list are the ones you might be more typically inclined to think of first — for war, drugs, and other regional instabilities.

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