These Are the 6 Most Vile Things You Can Do on a Plane

These Are the 6 Most Vile Things You Can Do on a Plane

Just no.

By Aly Walansky

Not too long ago, we brought you the results of a study that unearthed the most hated type of passenger on a plane. It turns out (spoiler alert) it's the dreaded rear-seat kicker.

Naturally, that list-topping behavior is far from the only one that is guaranteed to make your seatmates nuts. From this writer's own flying experiences, here's a totally subjective list of the most vile things you can do on a plane ā€” to guarantee everyone hates you by the time you touch down.

1. Get drunk

A lot of us like to have a drink or two when on a plane or waiting in an airport lounge. That's acceptable... as long as you can hold your liquor. If you are at the point you are loud and belligerent or slurring your words, other passengers and flight attendants are really going to hate you. (Remember Bridesmaids?!)

2. Vomit

A logical progression of the drunk passenger is, of course, the vomiting passenger. Hey maybe it wasn't the booze, but the nerves about flying, or the motion sickness. But, to your fellow passengers, it won't matter. Nothing's grosser. (At least reach for the barf bag in time, and be tidy if at all possible.)

3. Touch strangers

Whether you are just a super expressive person trying to tell your annoyed seatmate a story (and that in itself is often hated behavior), or you're trying to get someone else's attention ā€” it's just so not OK to physically touch other people without their permission.

4. PDA

And hey, lay off the handsy behavior even if your seatmate is not a stranger: Copious inflight PDAs may be cute for you, but it often grosses out other folks.

5. Bare feet

This is not your living room. If you take off your shoes on that flight, please be sure to be wearing slippers or socks. If your stanky feet are just dangling in the aisles, you could actually be contributing to that in-flight vomit problem.

6. Eat stinky foods

Maybe you enjoy eating curried eggs with a side of tuna, but when that dish sits in your bag on the plane for a few hours, surrounding passengers will not be sharing your joy. (They may, however, be sharing that vomit bag.) If you are going to bring food on a plane, be a good neighbor and follow proper food etiquette for eating on a plane.

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