Your Dog Needs Literally Only One Item to Be Happy and You Probably Already Own It

Your Dog Needs Literally Only One Item to Be Happy and You Probably Already Own It

This is the only #doghack you will ever need!

By Stacy Lenz

Two years ago, a feisty little pup emerged from scavenging in a pile of garbage and trotted into my heart. Immediately, I asked everyone for their fave dog hacks, as I was going to spoil my rescue with all the shiz that money can buy. The hands-down best tip I got was:

Buy that dog a bath mat. (This tip actually came from a dog trainer, stay with me).

I was skeptical at first, but I dutifully went to Target, bought their cheapest bathmat and plopped it on the floor of my living room. I made Jinx sit on it, taught him some tricks on it, worked on his stay game on it, and presented him with all the things he likes to chew on it. The mat soon became Jinx’s command center for all things dog, his personal home base.

You may ask yourself, “Does is have to be a bath mat?” Yes. It needs to be immediately flat on the floor, so a dog bed won't work. You may be tempted to use a towel or a blanket, but no: Bath mats have that handy rubber backing so it both stays in place and protects your floors from whatever dog dampness that may occur (drool, classic wet dog, the possibilities are endless). It’s also machine washable (see aforementioned dampness) and it’s really plush—perfect for dog lounging.

The bath mat is good for everything. I can tell Jinx to go there to chill out when guests come over, or when his begging crosses the line from cute to annoying. It’s also the best way to keep a peanut butter Kong mess off my floor.

Major bonus: Once your dog is happily living that #bathmat life, you can take the mat anywhere and your dog will feel like he is in a safe and familiar space. I've brought Jinx and his bath mat to brunches, happy hours, and one outdoor viewing of Little Shop of Horrors. With the aid of his bath mat, he sat through them all like the perfect gentlepup that I always hoped he would be.

Best brunch buddy! 🍳

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Still need convincing? Just look at all these doggos begging to take their bath mats out of the bathroom and into the world! (Get outta my bathroom and into my life!)

Dogmatic- dog who sleeps on the bath mat

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#loyaldog #everymorning #bathmatdog #keepsmecompany #whatlovelookslike 🐶😴🛁🌅

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