The Secret to Perfect Skin? Bake Your Face

The Secret to Perfect Skin? Bake Your Face

But you'll probably want to skip the oven part.

By The Feast Staff

You can spend thousands of dollars every year (heck, every month) trying to get perfectly smooth, soft, gorgeous skin. Or you can spend less than a dollar at the supermarket on a basic grocery item that will give you that flawless complexion you've always wanted. What is it? Wait for it...cornstarch.

Beauty expert Miriam Marroquin swears by the technique, and she's got the video to prove it. But who is Marroquin? On Instagram she describes herself as "Certified by Celebrity Makeup Artist Mario Dedivanovic (Kardashian m.u.a)." A Kardashian make-up artist, you say? We're all ears.

Cornstarch sounds like a wacky idea, but after all it's used in baking to give cakes a cookies a moister, more tender crumb. So, um, it makes total sense that it would do the same thing for your face... Just, you know, skip the oven part. 

Watch Marroquin show you just how to use the cornstarch to give your face that freshly baked look.

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