The World's Best Travel Job Is Now Up for Grabs (But One *Teeny* Detail Disqualifies Practically Everyone)

The World's Best Travel Job Is Now Up for Grabs (But One *Teeny* Detail Disqualifies Practically Everyone)

The New York Times is looking for one "ambitious" globe trotter for a yearlong adventure.

By Adele Chapin

Want to travel the world on someone else's dime for an entire year... and call that dream life your full-time job? (Oh yeah, and it comes with a New York Times byline to boot.)

This is a real gig — and it's so good that it's going rather viral among certain circles right now: Some lucky person out there is going to land the role of NYT's Writer at Large, Travel. The position involves jetting around the world to each and every location on the list of the paper's popular "52 Places to Go" column. That means exploring unspoiled beaches, starchitect-designed museums, and Michelin-starred restaurants, according to the job post. Doesn't suck.

The qualifications don't seem too intense either: You have to have traveled before (to “several destinations”). You also have to use social media, have prior media experience, and have “documented travel in writing, social media, or elsewhere.” It's even OK if you don't speak any language beside English.

But it's the very last detail that can be a bit tricky for, say, most people in America: “Can commit to a full year.” You’ll have to tell the story of life on the road, away from family and friends. That means it might make it hard to get home for the holidays. Catching up with your loved ones will have to happen over FaceTime. Jet-setting moms and dads out there with minor children — well, this probably ain't for you, no matter how get-up-and-go you are compared to your couch-sitting friends.

Basically, if you are in any way tethered to anything or anyone at home, this job probably isn't going to work out. 

So maybe loners have an edge here? Or wide-eyed millennials who don't own a house or any stuff yet?

But for anyone who is willing to leave everything behind and head out with just a backpack and a well-worn passport (and who is able to write a really compelling application), 2018 might be the greatest year of your life. 

Good luck and godspeed.

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