Trust Us, These Waffle Towels Will Make Your Shower the Highlight of Your Day

Trust Us, These Waffle Towels Will Make Your Shower the Highlight of Your Day

Get ready for the best shower experience of your life. 

By Talia Ergas

If you've never paid careful consideration to your bath towels before, we're asking you to reconsider. Here at Most Wanted, our infatuation with a particular bath towel — that is, the Parachute bath towel — is well-documented. The home brand's super soft, extra large bath sheet is the heavenliest, most luxurious thing we've ever wrapped around our sopping wet, post-shower bodies. So, when we learned that Parachute just dropped a new line of bath towels with a stylish upgrade, well, we're basically doing back flips over this one. 

Introducing the waffle towel, your new best bathtime buddy. Crafted from 100 percent Turkish cotton (just like the classic design), this new version features a chunky honeycomb weave, which, besides making it look cool, also makes it extra lightweight and super quick-drying. That's a real bonus if hotel towels and their mystery stains skeeve you out: Pop this baby in your luggage for travel and it won't weigh you down, or soak your clothes when you pack it back up. 

How do we know the waffle texture is so great? The brand already launched waffle robes and waffle slippers earlier this year, and let's just say it may be our Sunday Funday wardrobe staple. (Seriously.) 

Parachute's products are known to sell out, so we're stocking up extra early for our favorite people on our holiday shopping lists. Check out the full line — including bath towels, robes, and slippers — below. 


Waffle Towel in White



Waffle Towel in Gray



Waffle Robe in Tan




Waffle Robe in Gray




Waffle Slippers in Tan




Waffle Slippers in Gray





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