The World's New Longest Flight Is HOW Long?!

The World's New Longest Flight Is HOW Long?!

Charge up that technology, because it's going to be a while.

By Ko Im

This latest news in aviation will either make you claustrophobic and anxious — or super wanderlusty.

Edging out Qantas, Emirates has just scheduled the longest flight anywhere in the world. Launched on March 1, the jumbo journey clocks in at a whopping 17 hours and 15 minutes from Auckland, New Zealand to the company's hub in Dubai. (That's 8,819 miles, if you're keeping track of rewards points.) The data comes from OAG, an air travel intelligence company.

Qantas swoops down to second-longest at 16 hours and 55 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth to Sydney, Australia.

From where we sit, both of those flights represent a loooong time to sit on a plane. But the spectacular destinations make the journeys worth enduring. Plus, if we've got our technology charged, quality adult beverages, and all the smart carryon essentials — we're golden.

OAG's senior analyst John Grant tells Jet Set: "The introduction of longer services is a direct result of the introduction of new technology aircraft to the industry."

He adds, "The real interest will be in the consumer reaction — will they accept longer sectors and 17 hours in the air compared to the established routings that, whilst slightly longer, may break a journey into two sectors of perhaps eight hours with a three hour transit en route?"

Let's wait and see. 

But for now, these seemingly interminable travel legs remain very much a thing. Coming soon, look for the longest-flight rankings to see another shakeup: Emirates' delayed itinerary from Dubai to Panama City is set to launch soon. 

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