Therapy Mini Horses Are One Airport’s Solution to All the Recent Airline Drama

Therapy Mini Horses Are One Airport’s Solution to All the Recent Airline Drama

And we approve.

By Kristyn Pomranz

What’s your least favorite thing about traveling? Is it the excessively long lines to get through an invasive TSA screening? The totally rogue boarding process where people will basically punch you in the gut just to wedge their duffle bag in an overhead compartment? The flights where you get charged for peanuts and water even when you’re en route all the way to Bali?

Yeah, us too.

But listen up, we’ve got GOOD NEWS for weary travelers…so long as you’re flying in or out of the Cincinnati airport: Miniature horse therapy animals are roaming the terminal to bring you joy and help alleviate your anxiety—or at the very least, distract you for a few minutes.

Denver and Ruby are therapy horses from Seven Oaks Farm in southwest Ohio, and they’re making bi-monthly appearances at the Cincinnati airport to help calm the nerves of anxious flyers (or agitated travelers). They hang around the ticketing area and wait to delight those in need of a smile.

Although Cincinnati airport had originally intended to pilot a dog therapy program, they soon discovered Seven Oaks and decided to go in a more locally cultural direction. (Cincinnati shares its airport with Northern Kentucky, home, of course, to the Kentucky Derby.)

"It's just to ease anxiety levels, put smiles on faces. Clearly that's working," airport official Wendi Orlando told NPR. "When you look at the passengers walking by, it just never gets old. They love seeing the horses."

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Therapy mini horses not your thing? Try a therapy pig when you fly out of SFO, or therapy dogs at many airports worldwide. Or, y'know, there's always a Xanax smoothie.

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