There Is Now a Museum For Broken Relationships

There Is Now a Museum For Broken Relationships

Ship off every memento that reminds you of your ex. It's now called art.

By Marianne Garvey

A popular Croatian museum called The Museum of Broken Relationships is opening on June 4 in Los Angeles. 

Mementos—like mix tapes, wedding gowns, your exes T-shirt, greeting cards—from failed relationships can live forever in installations in the museum, created by artist ex-couple, Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić. 

The museum began as a traveling exhibition showing “the concept of failed relationships and their ruins,” and proved so popular that in 2010, a permanent museum was opened in Zagreb, Croatia. Now, a second museum has opened at 6751 Hollywood Boulevard in L.A.


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“Unlike ‘destructive’self-help instructions for recovery from failed loves, the Museum offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contributing to the Museum’s collection. Whatever the motivation for donating personal belongings – be it sheer exhibitionism, therapeutic relief, or simple curiosity – people embraced the idea of exhibiting their love legacy as a sort of a ritual, a solemn ceremony,” says a description on the museum’s website. “Our societies oblige us with our marriages, funerals, and even graduation farewells, but deny us any formal recognition of the demise of a relationship, despite its strong emotional effect.”

The public can anonymously donate artifacts, like photos, plane tickets, or anything that makes you think of your ex. You must include a title, duration of the relationship, where you are from, and a short description which tells the story of the relationship and breakup.

The West Coast outpost was founded by lawyer John B. Quinn, who visited the original while on vacation in Zagreb. 

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