These 6 Women Admit Why Getting a Divorce is on Their 2017 To Do List

These 6 Women Admit Why Getting a Divorce is on Their 2017 To Do List

They want out.

By Jen Glantz

Mustering up the courage to pull the plug on your relationship and lawyer up is something you can spend years thinking about before actually doing anything. Until you declare you’re ready for a divorce, you may be wasting time and suffering through a relationship that no longer fits, is unhealthy, or is something you cannot put up with for another minute.

Maybe 2017 is your year to break free and start over in the love department. Just listen to why these six women admit that getting a divorce is on their 2017 to do list.

I’m ready to be honest.

“My goal of the year is to stop lying to myself and the first thing I’m ready to be honest about is that my relationship sucks. It does. I know he’s cheated on me before and I have cheated on him too. We are not two people living life together; we are two people living life separately. Our marriage is over and this year I’m ready to be honest about that.” - Madison W., 32

I want a fresh start.

“I’ve been married for fourteen years and we have three kids. We had a great run but I’m just ready to be done. I don’t want to tell my husband to be shocked so I want to tell him halfway through the year after our family vacation. I will let him know it’s less about him and more about how I just want to start my life fresh.” – Brenda N., 41

It's time to get healthy.

“I’m in a pretty rocky marriage where we fight a lot and treat each other pretty poorly. We’re known by our friends as the couple that’s always exploding on each other. My New Year’s resolution was to get healthy with my fitness and food and I’m adding in there my relationship, which means a divorce.” – Teresa Y., 33

New Year, new midlife crisis.

“I’ve been thinking about getting a divorce for years. I just turned 50 and I’m thinking now is the time to just do it. I can’t keep thinking about doing it forever. If I haven’t stopped thinking about it yet, it means maybe new year, new midlife crisis.” – Debbie O., 50

He’s threatened it before.

“My husband always threatens that he wants a divorce, especially during fights and this year is the year I’m going to give him one to make his wish come true.” – Megan F., 37

I can finally afford a lawyer.

"Nobody really knows this but divorces are expensive and the more the couple disagrees, the more money in lawyer fees you pay. I couldn’t afford a good lawyer in the past, but I’ve been saving up to afford the best one in my city this year.” – Grace K., 33

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