These 7 Women Did The Proposing - So How Did It Go?

These 7 Women Did The Proposing - So How Did It Go?

"Will you marry me?" That's what she said

By Jen Glantz

Think it's the guys job to get on one knee, say something lovey dovey, and pop the question while holding a ring with a diamond the size of the grape? Well, you're wrong. More and more women are taking their engagement into their own hands, literally.

Maybe it's because same sex marriages are happening more than ever or because more heterosexual women are rolling their eyes at gender norms, but the idea of who should propose to who is getting tossed up in the air like a wedding bouquet.

Here are what seven women have to say about what it was like popping the question to their significant other.

1. Empowering

"I was dating my fiance for six years and we talked about eventually getting engaged but he never made the move. I think he was too busy at work and comfortable in our life together to even think about the need to get married. I always wanted to get married - so I asked him. I planned a fun mini-vacation to a local beach town for the weekend. On the second night, I got down on one knee and asked him to marry me. He, at first, felt bad he didn't ask first but I wasn't mad I had to ask. I felt empowered being the one taking our love to the next level." - Shelby F., 35

2. He said no

"I asked my boyfriend to marry me one night when we were drunk. We had been dating for a year and a half and I wanted to be married with kids ASAP. I really meant it when I asked but he took that drunk proposal from me as a way to tell me he wanted to break up. I guess he didn't ask me first because he didn't see a future with me." - Rebecca L., 26

3. I had to

"Being in a gay relationship is tricky when it comes to proposals. I decided to propose last year, out of the blue, without us ever talking about who would propose to who. I felt I had to because I'm the more outgoing one in the relationship. I'm glad I did it and got it over with." - Jessica W., 29

4. NBD

"I enjoyed planning my own proposal to my now husband of four years. I even picked out and bought my own engagement ring. Women's rights! It wasn't a big deal to be the one taking charge on the proposal. Nobody in my life seemed to care I asked him to marry me." - Terri G., 38

5. She did it back

"I asked my wife to marry me and she asked me right back, a day later. So we had two proposals. Maybe that's a benefit of a same sex relationship?" - Debbie F., 27

6. Very odd

"My husband told me if I wanted to get married, I had to propose to him. He didn't think I would ever do it but I did. It felt odd and so not romantic being the one to ask if he would marry me. I still am mad at him for making me do this and it happened two years ago!" - Sarah A., 31

7. People like to judge

"I'm all about ending stupid traditions so when it came to proposing, I knew I'd be the one doing it. I asked my husband to marry me and he said yes and wasn't shocked. It was everyone else we knew who thought I was crazy for doing this. People called me to tell me that I seemed desperate asking him to marry me and that I should be embarrassed!" - Kim C., 36

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