These Are the 10 Hottest Heads of State in the World

These Are the 10 Hottest Heads of State in the World

Eye candy that crosses the political spectrum.

By Karen Gardiner

It's been another grim week in American politics so — to cheer ourselves up — let's forget the important stuff and judge world leaders on something completely frivolous instead: their looks. Like, where, exactly, does the U.S. stand when it comes to presidential hotness?

Well, we've compiled our own completely unserious and unscientific list. As in global politics, women are woefully underrepresented and, note to Putin: You can bare your chest as often as you like, you're still not making our list.

1. Justin Trudeau, Canada

With those baby blues, that dazzling smile, and willingness to appear shirtless, explain quantum computing, cuddle pandas — and catch the wandering eye of married Kate Middleton — quite frankly there ought to be a constitutional law against Trudeau's hotness.

2. Barack Obama, U.S.A.

It's not just patriotism that has Obama up this high on our list. It's that grin, the voice, the charisma, and commitment to his wife and two daughters. Sure, the presidency has made him grey and left some lines and wrinkles. But Obama will be missed, for many reasons.

3. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, Bhutan

The Thai press refer to the current reigning Druk Gyalpo or "Dragon King" of the Kingdom of Bhutan (aged just 36) as "Prince Charming." We think you can appreciate why. Swoon.

4. Felipe VI, Spain

We've really got a thing for young monarchs. Spain's handsome King is a mere 48 years old and smoking. Fun fact, the athletic king was a member of the 1992 Spanish Olympic sailing team.

5. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, Croatia

Observers of presidential hotness were thrilled earlier this year when photos of Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović looking glamorous in a bikini appeared all over the internet. Alas, however, the photos were not of the Croatian president, but of Coco Austin. Remarkably this wasn't a totally inexplicable mix-up.

6. Patrice Talon, Benin

With a sharp suit and purposeful stride, smooth seems an appropriate adjective here — let's just not talk about the link to a murder attempt and accusations of embezzlement.

7. Lee Hsien Loong, Singapore

One for those with an eye for a silver fox. Age aside, Singapore's youthful Prime Minister is hip to social media, even signing his own Facebook and Twitter posts.

8. Mark Rutte, The Netherlands

Constitutionally, the Dutch King is head of state, but, as he has a limited political role, let's take a look (and linger) at the tall (six-foot-four-inch) handsome, and relatively young (49) Prime Minister Mark Rutte.

9. Alexis Tsipras, Greece

Politically, Tspiras has lost a lot of his luster over the past year, but he's lost none of that deep smolder.

10. Andrew Holness, Jamaica

Petition to rename the Jamaican Prime Minister "Andrew Hotness?"

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