These Chic New Sunglasses Let You Wear Your Whiskey On Your Face

These Chic New Sunglasses Let You Wear Your Whiskey On Your Face

It's the next best thing to stapling a glass of Scotch to your lips.

By The Feast Staff

You can't blame a beverage company for wanting to get into the lucrative sunglasses business, especially when they have such a killer app: the rich-colored, smoky wood used in Scotch-aging barrels.

Apparently, the inventive minds at Glenmorangie thought hey, if our customers love our Scotch so much, maybe they want to wear it on their face. The brand's new Scotch-wood-barrel sunglasses are created in partnernship with the London-based upscale sunglass brand Finlay & Co.; they're made from American White Oak barrels and, as described on the Finlay website, they're "designed to display the unique grain and natural finish of the original" casks. The shades will run you 300 pounds ($424), or more if you get prescription lenses or engravings.

Glenmorangie's description promises that the sunglasses actually do smell like Scotch:

"A subtle hint of whisky remains in the wood, a delicate aroma at most. It’s not something you notice when you wear the sunglasses. But leave them in their case for a while and there’s a note of Glenmorangie’s distinctive and delicious house style when you open up."

Alas no, they won't give you a buzz, but they just might turn some heads on the sidewalk.


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