These Jobs Listed On Tinder Profiles Get More Right-Swipes Than Any Other

These Jobs Listed On Tinder Profiles Get More Right-Swipes Than Any Other

The careers that turn potential partners on are surprising.

By Marianne Garvey

Doctor? Lawyer? Not even in the top ten.

The most attractive and desirable jobs in New York on Tinder have been revealed. The dating app recently introduced the option to add job and your education background to your profile and the list of jobs that were most swiped right may surprise you.

The following have the most attractive careers sought out by potential partners—in other words, these jobs are a turn on. Not so shocking was that CEO/Entrepreneur was high on the list for one of the most popular right-swiped job for both men and women in New York.

The most right-swiped jobs for women that men found attractive led with teacher first. Who doesn’t love a nice, sweet, smart schoolteacher? Coming in second was the glamorous position of being a stylist. PR/communications jobs came in third as an attractive profession. Following those three the order was: dental hygienist, CEO/entrepreneur, physical therapist, architect, financial analyst, journalist, student, psychologist, event planner, interior designer, recruiter, and pharmacist.

The most right-swiped jobs for men led with engineer, with CEO-entrepreneur coming in second and registered nurse coming in third. Personal trainers followed closely, then financial analyst, chef, advertising executive, architect, student, musician, pilot, software developer, firefighter (obviously), teacher, and writer.

The list was compiled based on the jobs on profiles that received the highest ratio of right swipes from January 2016 through July 2016.

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