These Pet Peeves Are Driving Couples To Sleep In Separate Beds

These Pet Peeves Are Driving Couples To Sleep In Separate Beds

Snoring? Farting? Gross!

By Marianne Garvey

The more you love someone, the more they get under your skin. Wait, is that true? Apparently, it is. Especially under the sheets.

From hogging the blankets to eating food in bed, what’s bothersome enough to make someone desire a night to sleep alone?

According to a new survey on what drives people crazy in the bedroom—and not in the good way—the top bedroom pet peeve is a partner hogging the blanket. Snoring loudly came in at number two.

For men, they couldn’t stand when women ate food in bed, and were annoyed by partners who let their pet (or pets) sleep in the bed. Another pet peeve? How hot or cold the room should be at night.

When found that men who stole the covers at night left them feeling cold—for their partner.

Tossing and turning, outside noises, and sunlight coming through the blinds were also highly rated sleep disruptors. Light can be a primary reason why people wake up feeling tired, as it can affect one’s ability to fall asleep and stay asleep comfortably.

Size also matters in the bedroom. Couples with larger beds were less likely to be irked by bothersome bedtime behaviors.

“While some of the peeves can have a bigger impact on the quality of sleep you’re really getting (like watching TV before bed or spending too much time looking at your smartphone), others might just be caused by the person sleeping next to you,” reports the survey, which questioned 1,000 people who regularly sleep with their partner.

And for the gross stuff.

Women rated a partner who farted in bed as very bothersome, but men didn’t find it all that bad. What? Really? Men also weren’t as bothered by a partner who used their phone in bed to text or check social media (women, on the other hand, did rate it as one of the more aggravating things their partners did), or a partner who left the bed unmade in the morning. Women want the bed made immediately, Jesus, are we really all the same?

Respondents in the Mattress-Inquirer survey graded bedroom scenarios based on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being extremely bothersome).

The survey also found that occasionally sleeping apart from time to time was helpful for women, while married men, on the other hand, were significantly less likely to enjoy that time alone. Big babies.

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