These Siblings Are Also a Couple, Their Family Doesn't Mind

These Siblings Are Also a Couple, Their Family Doesn't Mind

They share the same mother, but say they are in love.

By Marianne Garvey

Spanish siblings Ana and Dani appeared on a talk show called Cámbiame to tell the world they are also dating.

Making things even odder, their family supports their decision to be a couple.

The two, who share the same mother, went on the show to reveal the details of how this all went down, telling the audience they were in an intimate relationship. 

“We have something to say and this is a good place to do it.” Ana says to the crowd. “We grew up separately and 20 years later found each other through social media and struck up a friendship. We came here not just to get a style change, but to get our lives completely changed.”

Her brother/boyfriend Dani then asks the family to respect their decision.

“What we’re looking for here, is that you support us,” he says.“We want to share all our lives with all of you, and that you’re always by our side. Our surprise is that apart from being half siblings we’re also a couple. We’ve been like this for a while, we fell in love.”

Family members in the audience, including Ana’s father and Dani’s father, were heard whooping and cheering over the news. As it turns out, family members in Spain can date if it is consensual.

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