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These Will Be The Biggest Halloween Costumes of the Year, According to Pinterest

 We already know exactly what you’re going as for Halloween.

By Katherine Kluznik

Call us spooky if you’d like, but we're pretty confident in predicting exactly what you’re going to go as for Halloween — and also what your BFF, your cousin, your mom, and that neighbor two doors down will dress up as. Have we been gazing into a crystal ball that foretells Halloweens to come? Nah, we just checked in with Pinterest, who teamed up with Lyst to tabulate what’s trending and divine the top costumes for the season’s scariest (and, yeah, sometimes sexiest) holiday.

Ahead, we run through the top 10 Halloween trends for 2017, and make it easy on you with out-of-the-bag options to get your costume shopping done in no more time than it takes to hit click and enter your credit card info.


#1 Pennywise


There might be no more natural fit for October 31st than terrifying your sweet little children and everyone else’s by channeling a creepy clown — and it doesn’t get creepier than It’s sewer-dwelling Pennywise. According to Pinterest’s stats, the 2017 reboot of the ‘80s flick ensured the character’s top spot for All Hallows' Eve looks this year.

#2 Eleven from Stranger Things


Buyer beware: Frozen waffles are not included in this Halloween take on Stranger Things’ psychokinetic kid. Eleven’s little pink dress and sports socks are really all you need, though. (Well, and the wig she covers her shaved head with — unless you’re willing to really commit and get out the razor.) The boys’ costumes are trending, too, so if you have a friend who doesn’t mind playing your sidekick, instruct him to dress up as Dustin, Mike or Lucas.

#3 Belle from Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast hit theaters again this year, sending orders for marigold gowns through the roof — first for last spring’s proms and now for aspiring Belles of the Halloween Ball.

#4 A Giraffe


Not too very long ago, Snapchat added a giraffe filter to its menagerie of adorable creatures you can pretend to be. The natural next step? Evolving into a giraffe head to hoof, of course.

#5 Wonder Woman


The feminist spin of 2017’s Wonder Woman made it the second-highest grossing film of the year — beat out only by Beauty and the Beast. This all-in-one costume lets you channel Gal Godot’s girl-power look, from her tiara to her boots and the bodysuit in between.

#6 Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones


Season 8 of Game of Thrones isn’t expected to debut before summer of next year — so why not bide your time by dressing up as the Mother of Dragons herself? According to Pinterest, you won’t be the only one. The show’s characters are predicted to be the sixth most ubiquitous at Halloween fêtes this season.

#7 A Baywatch Babe


What’s Halloween if not an excuse to look as sexy as possible with impunity, and is there anything hotter than strolling through the chilly October streets wearing nothing but a red bikini? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

#8 A Hippie


Even if round sunnies and boho dresses aren’t your thing in real life, you can tap the ‘60s trend that was all over fashion week runways the past couple seasons by dolling up as a flower child just for the night.

#9 Unicorn


You’ve probably tried the mythical beast’s frappuccino. You might even asked your hair colorist to give you a unicorn treatment. Why not take your Halloween look in the same direction? Bonus: This cozy cosplay onesie is perfect if you find yourself trapped at a dull Halloween party. No need to change into PJs, just lie down in the corner and pretend you’re all tuckered out from doing whatever it is that unicorns do.

#10 A Mermaid


If unicorns aren’t your fantasy creature of choice, drop down to number 10 on the costume list and you’ll find your Halloween look courtesy of the trending mermaid. This costume handily has an opening beneath the tail that’s made for walking, just in case you find yourself celebrating on land rather than under the sea.


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