They Both Lost Their Dads On 9/11 - Then They Healed Each Other's Broken Hearts And Got Married

They Both Lost Their Dads On 9/11 - Then They Healed Each Other's Broken Hearts And Got Married

A summer camp for kids facing loss led them to each other. 

By Marianne Garvey

Brielle Saracini and Sean McGuire didn’t know they’d both find love in the midst of tragedy.

The two, who both lost their fathers on September 11, 2001, originally met at Camp Better Days, a summer camp for children who lost loved ones on September 11.

"We met two years after 9/11, just kids who used to hang out together and match up against one another in pool and basketball, who eventually fell in love," Brielle told

Sixteen years later, on September 9, they tied the knot in Austin, Texas, in front of friends and family.

But their love story wasn’t without its setbacks. Later on in their relationship, Brielle was diagnosed with Stage 4B Hodgkin's lymphoma, but beat it. When her clean diagnoses was announced, Sean invited her to a park overlooking One World Trade. There, he proposed.

The spot was significant—and heartbreaking. Sean's father, Patrick, was on the 84th floor of the South Tower of the World Trade Center when the plane struck. Brielle's father, Victor, was a pilot on United Flight 175,plane that struck the South Tower.

During the wedding ceremony, Brielle placed her dad's pilot hat on a chair in the front row

"It felt like a fairy tale — a dream wedding that was absolutely perfect, destined by fate," Brielle said, adding that the couple also had a moment of silence during the big day.

"We had a nice moment of silence in our ceremony to recognize their presence in our relationship and in our lives," Brielle said. "It was important for us to do so, to properly honor them and pay respects to how they raised us and shaped us…We met at a summer camp for children with broken hearts, but we built back up together. The biggest takeaway from 9/11 — for me — was that you might be able to break down steel and structure, but you can never destroy love."

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