Here Are the Curious Things Trump and Putin Are Doing on Vacation (Not Together)

Here Are the Curious Things Trump and Putin Are Doing on Vacation (Not Together)

One head of state, however, characterizes his getaway as "not a vacation."

By Alesandra Dubin

After Donald Trump reportedly made comments revealing his opinion that the White House is a "dump" as the reason for his frequent visits to his own golf clubs, he left hot and humid Washington, D.C. for a 17-day vacation to his Bedminster, New Jersey club.

He tweeted that his trip is "not a vacation," given he is working while on the road. (He was an outspoken critic of what he called too-frequent vacations by then-president Barack Obama.)

However, he has been photographed golfing, and riding around in a gold cart while on his trip.

While at the club, Trump also crashed a wedding, approaching shocked and amazed guests who were golfing as part of the main event's weekend festivities.

It's far from the first time Trump has crashed weddings held on his properties; he's done it before in New Jersey, and also at Mar-a-Lago, to much social-media attention and publicity for the venues.

While Trump is in New Jersey, the White House is getting an overhaul. The sprucing-up project includes HVAC upgrades, fresh paint, new carpeting, and curtains.

Meanwhile, in another corner of the globe, Vladamir Putin of Russia is also on vacation — in Siberia.

Unlike the POTUS, Putin appears eager to announce his vacation as just that, flexing his literal and political muscles for a series of mostly shirtless photos released by Russian state TV.

The state-run media pointed out the “the physical fitness of the president," as demonstrated by the photos.

In the images, Putin is seen hiking, fishing, and scuba diving in a lake.

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