Think He's Cheating On You? Pay Attention To These Visual Signs

Think He's Cheating On You? Pay Attention To These Visual Signs

It's all over his face. Literally.

By Delaina Dixon

Jessica, 26, a New York based beauty blogger had been dating her last boyfriend for about a year when she found the video. “My ex had asked to borrow my camera for a YouTube idea he wanted to do. I shoot videos all the time, but he hadn’t really taken an interest in what I did before,” she says. “I was excited we could work on something together.”

One afternoon, she was over at his place and noticed the camera sitting on his desk. “He had asked me a couple of questions about it, so I decided to take a look and make sure everything was working properly.” That’s when the incriminating footage came to light.

“The videos were crazy literal interpretations of your daily horoscope readings, but what was even crazier was that his previous girlfriend was starring in the whole thing, something he forgot to mention.”

She confronted him about it; they broke up the next evening.

“Picking up some strange new interest,” can be a sign that your man is cheating on you, says Susan Trombetti, matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking. “A different interest in music – he hated country and now he suddenly likes it, or some new tricks he’s pulling in bed,” can all mean he’s involved with another woman. “It’s not a weird new interest, but it’s weird for him.”

Here are a few more ways to know whether your man is cheating on you (sorry.)

1. A switch down there

Take a look at his underwear – is your boxer man suddenly wearing briefs? Are those tighty whities now a different color? "Pay attention,” Susan says. The switch up could be a sign he’s trying to impress someone else.

2. Cell phone is on lockdown

“He was always pretty open with his cell phone – left it on the counter – and now he’s guarded and taking with him to the bathroom, that can also be a sign,” Susan says. A guy who starts protecting his phone like it’s a big government secret can be hiding a clandestine affair. And if a guy was too private in the first place, “he may not be really committed to you,” she theorizes.

3. It’s all in the (body) language

“Your man’s mannerisms may change when he’s cheating on you,” says Susan – his eyes dart back and forth when he talks to you. He may become sweaty or his face drained of color, which can indicate he’s not be telling the truth. And note, the physical change can be yours. “If you feel in your that gut that he’s cheating on you, he most likely is.”

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