Earn $10,000 a Month Crashing in Luxury Vacation Homes: Best Job Ever?!

Earn $10,000 a Month Crashing in Luxury Vacation Homes: Best Job Ever?!

Peace out, office gig.

By Alesandra Dubin

You might want to hit the pause button on your upcoming summer plans. And hell, you might even want to bail altogether on that workaday office job you've long been meaning to quit anyway. (Whether or not you do so in a blaze of live-feed glory is up to you, but if you do... we want to see.)

That's because there's a new offering on the job market that combines epic summer travel as well as a seriously solid paycheck. In fact, if you love travel and luxury (and who doesn't?) and you can weave together a decent story, it may be the best job in the world... and it could be yours!

The three-month gig gives the winning applicant a chance to travel the world while staying in as many as 12 multi-million-dollar posh vacation homes. Luxury home exchange club ThirdHome is billing it, perhaps aptly, as "The Best Job on the Planet."

In addition to stopping every five minutes to wonder how you got so lucky (and snap a selfie, or 6,000), your tasks will include writing, blogging, vlogging, and sharing your travel experiences on social media, should you win the coveted gig.

Interested? (Duh.) Applicants must have experience in international travel, plus social media and storytelling skills. You also have to be 18 years old, have a valid passport and driver's license... and must be able to travel for three consecutive months from late summer to late fall. That said, you can be located anywhere in the world to start out.

Oh, and as we said, this is no mere unpaid internship with amazing perks. Nope, it's a proper contract position that pays $10,000 each month, as well as all travel expenses. You can also bring along one companion at a time to be the luckiest hanger-on ever (and who owes you big time).Submit a one-minute video explaining why you're the best candidate if you want to apply.

Then choose us as your plus-one... pretty please?!

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